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Hey I'm Katya, I'm 18, I hate wearing pants and I ride goofy. If you want to know more hit up the ask.


Emil Ulsletten P: Eystein Killi

I can’t believe I’m moving, leaving you behind. You were already leaving for the summer but you were coming back. I’m leaving because my parents tell me to, because my country’s military feels it is necessary to move its men, without care for what happens to the hearts that are broken. I’ve moved all my life, and it never hurt as much as this. Now I have someone who matters, and I don’t want to lose them because of this. I’m trying to stay postitive, sometimes it works. I can look forward and see opportunity in location, I can prepare myself to endure time without you. But now mornings are the hardest, I feel the absence of you and it scares me because this feeling will be so much worse when I leave. The hardest part is you can’t be here to see me go. I can’t even tell you things now because I’m scared they will hurt you or scare you. I want nothing more than to stay, and I’m trying to work out a way to do so.